Do you hear the call to drum?

Mystical Frame Drums

Frame Drums are among one of the ancient instruments in the percussion family. Ranging from different names in different cultures - Tar, Bendhir, Bodhran, Daff, Buffalo Drum, they come in different sizes and different skins and tones. This programme is designed to help adults incorporate drumming into their life, empowering the self through active music-making and relaxation. When we drum, we engage our upper body muscles and cardiovascular system. Our guided lessons will give you practical, fun and healing ways of playing on the frame drum.

Our teaching methods will you discover your rhythm, creativity and enhances your overall mind/body wellness by learning in a non-competitive space.

- Hand Techniques, Posture & Coordination

- Improvising & Notation

- Rhythmic Entrainment, Voice & Synchronised movements

- Become Energised in Group Drumming

- Reduce Burnout

- Get to perform at community events and arts venues!


All levels are welcome, from from Beginners to Advanced. 

All age groups are welcome, from Youth to Seniors.

Percussions are provided during lessons.

Participants can also bring their own or are encouraged to get one, with the advise of instructor.

Fees: only $95 / month

Testimonials from our Students

It was a therapeutic session. Thank you Ranjini and Shamroz..and the rest of our classmates!

Enjoyed every moment though i have to work on my tempo and reduce my speed. Getting to read music notes has always been a dream. Great job guys!

Thanks for a great learning experience!

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