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What does Yoga means to me?

I remember my first yoga classes long ago as a student. It felt like a another workout in large groups with ridiculous routines with benefits unexplained. I realised overtime there was something deeper that I needed to discover to improve myself and the people around me. I needed more control over emotions. My decision to embark on Yoga Instructor training is to understand the word relaxation and happiness of the self. This realisation allows me to spread the happiness and connect deeper with others who need help in society.

Yoga is more than just doing Asanas. Yoga has become a journey to connect to my inner rhythm and listen to my mind and body. Yoga has taught me the importance of slowing down my breath and listening to my own breathing. At times it has allowed me to stay calm in extreme situations while staying true to the self.

Patience, awareness and letting go of ego. Yoga is a motivation to life and it checks if mind, body and soul are in balance. with the practice of mindfulness. A new appreciation for life!

I have set my goal as a practitioner - I hope to spread Yoga with Music to benefit people with special needs, support groups and children.

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