Drum Prodigy Percussion Programme for Persons with Special Needs and Youth-at-risk.

1. Early Years - 2 to 5 years old

2. Junior - 6 to 12 years old

3. Youth and Adults - 13 years and above


The health-drumming programme is based on the integration of 3 main aspects - wellness, recreational and educational while including a therapeutic dimension. It shall serve an integral role in the child’s life, providing children with a non-competitive atmosphere and environment, while creating impact on their social, cognitive, sensory, motor coordination. 

Benefits of Rhythm and Drumming!

Drumming is a healthy way to release stress, regulate emotions and strengthen the immune system.

It combines wellness, celebration and community building. It brings out their inner rhythm and adds new energy to their lives.


What's in the Drum Prodigy programme?

Students will be introduced to rhythmic activities, vocalisations, sensory percussions. They will also learn to play on percussions using hands and mallets to produce beats with various entrainment exercises to develop their musicality. Using music intervention to tackle behavioural issues, impulse control, attention deficit, improve sensorimotor skills and social interactions. Through shared music-making, students get to express themselves through verbal and non-verbal communication.


The programme is conducted as an individual 1 to 1 with instructor, as well as peer group setting.

Lesson Duration

A regular lesson duration is 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

During group practices, 45-60 minutes.


Our team of Facilitators are certified and experience with teaching persons with special learning needs and disabilities. They are also trained in First Aid and CPR. 


Assessments are conducted every six (6) months and shared with parents/caregivers.

Do you offer a trial session? 

Yes, we recommend to book a trial lesson with us. The trial fee (individual class) is $45 and the duration is around 20-30 minutes. The trial session will allow instructor(s) to assess your child and share goals with you (parents/caregivers). 

Can I visit your school before booking a trial?

Yes, you are most welcome to visit our school and tour our facilities with your child during our opening hours. 


Always a joy to see my daughter enjoying her drum class with her super patient Teachers.

—  Nancy Koh, Parent


We are located at:
620 Hougang Avenue 8, #01-268
Singapore 530620

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