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Age 3-5


About the BunnyBEATS Group Class



Rhythm and music is very significant for a child’s development, especially during their early years. Individuals who took music lessons as children show stronger neural processing of sound. 

The BunnyBEATS programme kindles their interest in drumming and world percussions, exposing children to a plethora of unique sounding songs from around the world, some which have meaning embedded in them, others just simply tickle the senses in them!

The element of rhythm is very strong in the BunnyBEATS programme. Highly rhythmic and active, the programme creates a positive impact in developing fundamental motor and kinetic skills.  With the combination of movement and rhythm, children develop greater dexterity and kinetic abilities. 

Promotes a healthy mind and body development through rhythmic activities. Children improve their motor skills, social skills, gain confidence and self esteem, creativity and self-expression

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I enrol my child?
When your child reaches 2.5 years, you can enrol for BunnyBEATS programme.

Whats the age limit?

4 plus.

How long is each session? How is the class size?

50 minutes. Small group size with 3 to 6 students maximum.  This way, we have more attention for each child.

What are the Class timings?

Hougang Branch


  • 10.30am-11.30am

  • 4pm-5pm (new class time) 


  • 10am-11am

Bras Basah Complex Branch - New Class timings!


  • 10am-11am 

  • 3pm-4pm 


  • 10am-11am 

How long does it take for the programme to complete? What happens after the programme gets over?

BunnyBEATS is a fantastic bridging program designed for early learners who may not be ready for one-on-one settings. The program lasts 9-12 months, tailored to the child's age and ability. It includes events, recital performances, and provides a progress report with a portfolio. After completion, children transition to solo instrumental learning like the drum kit or guitars. Embrace BunnyBEATS for a well-rounded musical foundation and a pathway to future solo learning.

I’m not sure if my child is ready for a group class? She/he has no experience?
Book a trial session with us. Upon assessment we can decide further if he/she is ready. 

How is the trial conducted? In a group or individual?

Here at DPSG, most of the time we assess every child in a group first through a trial appointment.

Is there a trial fee?

Yes. The trial fee for BB class is $30.

My child has separation anxiety. Am worried if he will cry or not settle in?
The programme aims to develop their social skills and get them to be more open through rhythmic expressions and play. It’s always that first step to cross the anxiety bridge in BunnyBEATS and start drumming with their peers and develop a connection with the instrument. We have had students with exposure to instruments at home but on first encounter in class they showcase anxiety. Overtime they will settle in and enjoy the journey. 

Is this a parent accompanied programme? 

No. Parents will drop their kids and wait outside the academy.

Do you accept siblings?

Yes of course. You can enquire about our siblings discount. 

I have no musical background. Will this affect my child’s learning process?
No such thing! Instructors will guide them and parents on the curriculum and what you can do outside classroom to continue their learning experience. If you have no time, leave the guidance to us. 


If you would like to understand more about the world of rhythms, you can join our Adult classes. Enjoy the family perks and discounts on our Adults courses when you enrol your child. More details here.

Do you accept girls? I see more boy drummers? #genderequality #girlscandrum
It is quite common to see a drum class with more boys. Did you know that we have many girl drummers at Drum Prodigy? Drumming empowers girls and women and makes them stronger than boys! So, don’t be shy, let’s break the gender stereotype and start your girl on the drums!

Hope we have read your thoughts! For more details, book a trial session with us today!

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