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Programme Synopsis

The Drum Prodigy Certification Programme is a 5-day course that will equip you with the basic understanding and foundations behind the developmental benefits of drumming, and equip you with the skills and activities to conduct your own Drum Lessons. 

  • Learn the benefits of drumming for Children’s developmental milestones.

  • Learn basic drumming techniques that will allow you to conduct your own drum sessions for your children or students.

  • Learn how to design lesson plans with artistic energy flow through the Drum Prodigy Method.

  • Learn how to assess children's music development and communicate this information to parents and caregivers. 

  • Learn new drum activities, including songs, instrument and prop activities, and movement activities, and learn how to lead them for both individual or a group of students.

  • Option to get hands-on experience teaching students with coaching on lessons conducted.

What to expect for our Basic Certification Programme

Learn our unique Drum Prodigy Methodology

What makes Drum Prodigy different from other music schools? Our Unique Drum Prodigy Method, is designed to ensure holistic development through music and movement. Based on this unique methodology, we have designed learning curriculums and programmes with custom designed activities to facilitate a Drum Prodigy music learning experience. In our basic certification programme you will get ample time of practical hands-on learning through 8 learning modules: 


Module 1:

Rhythm Training and Application

Module 2:

Classroom Management & Teaching Fundamentals

1) Workplace safety

2) Drum Tech Knowledge

3) Use of Technology 

4) Understanding Learners' behaviours

Module 3:

The Drum Prodigy Method - 4Ps,

Drum Prodigy Curriculum Map for

1) Preschoolers

2) Special Needs

3) Instrumental Learning 

Module 4:

Lesson Protocol and Delivery

Module 5:

Documenting and Assessment



Where will the course be conducted?

  • The course will be conducted in our school at Drum Prodigy headquarters, Block 620, Hougang Ave 8, #01-268, Singapore 530620


Who will benefit most from a Drum Prodigy Certification?

  • The course was designed with SPED Teachers, Pre-school Teachers, Stay-home Moms and Freelance Music Teachers in mind. It hopes to equip you with the skills to conduct your own Drum Prodigy music lessons in school or at home.  


Is there a minimum class size for the certification programmes?

  • Yes, there is a minimum of 3-5 pax. We reserve the rights to postpone the programme if there is an insufficient number of paid registrations. 


Are meals included in the prices? 

  • No, we do not provide meals. Refreshments and tea-break, yes.


How long is the course?

  • The course is conducted for 25 hours. You will need to serve a minimum number of voluntary teaching hours at DPSG.


What happens after I have finished the basic certification course? 

  • Once you have completed the basic certification, if you would like to be trainer certified, you would need to sign up for additional practical coaching. You are required to conduct at least 4 practical lessons with lesson plans and serve 15 hours of volunteer teaching. 

  • Once you are trainer certified, you can sign-up for specialisation courses. We offer specialisation courses for Corporate Wellness, Early Childhood and Special Needs. Please note that to be Drum Prodigy Trainer certified, you will be required to do first-aid training. 

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