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Calendar, School Policy

Below are forms for administration matters for enrichment courses taken up at our locations.

Here's our calendar for 2024!
Be sure to plan your dates with our events in mind.

Drum Prodigy Calendar 2024_White.jpg


  1. Fly Me to the Moon, Jazz Recital - 28 April 2024 
    (Venue: Recital Studio, Drum Prodigy Singapore, Bras Basah Complex)

  2. 3rd Annual Inclusive Soccer Carnival - 3 August 2024
    (Venue: Methodist Girls School Sports Complex)

  3. Rhythm Nation VII, 7th Annual Inclusive Concert - 30 November
    (CSC Tessensohn Auditorium)



  1. Friday, 31 May 2024

  2. Wednesday, 4 September 2024 (Venue: TBC)


  1. Tuesday, 12 March 2024

  2. Tuesday, 4 June 2024

  3. Wednesday, 20 November 2024

(Venue: Recital Studio, Drum Prodigy Singapore, Bras Basah Complex)

Drum Prodigy Singapore (DPSG) School Policy: Terms and Conditions

Fees & Payment Policy:

  1. Fairness Practice: DPSG maintains a non-discriminatory fee structure, ensuring equal charges for students with or without disabilities, unless specific grading or progressive levels are identified.

  2. Class Duration Options: Two class duration options are available - 30 minutes and 1 hour.

  3. Monthly Fees: The quoted course fees are monthly and align with the school calendar.

  4. Payment Deadline: School fees must be settled by the 7th day of each calendar month.

  5. Late Payment Penalty: A penalty charge is applicable for late payments beyond the 10th day.

  6. Registration Fee: A non-refundable $30 registration fee is mandatory for all new enrollments and re-enrollments.

  7. Deposit Fee: A non-refundable one-month deposit fee is required for Individual and Group Classes, used during the month of termination or you can use it to upgrade to 1-hour class in future. 

  8. 1-Hour Individual Class Deposit: No deposit is required for the 1-hour individual class option.

  9. Non-refundable Lesson Fees: Lesson fees received are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  10. Starter Kit Cost (optional): The Starter Kit, including a tote bag, drumsticks, practice pad, and T-shirt, costs $100.

  11. Merchandise Purchase: Additional merchandise, books, and materials can be purchased over the counter.

  12. Trial Fees: Individual Class trial fee is $45, Group Class trial fee is $35.

  13. Contactless Payment Modes: Acceptable payment methods include PayNow, online bank transfer to Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd (DBS Bank), and payment over the counter via QR code or PayNow (no cash or NETS).

Notification of Absence:

  1. Rescheduling of Lessons/Make-up: 

    • Students are encouraged not to miss any class. If you are going to miss your lesson, please approach the admin for the Notification of Absence form and fill up your make up date. 

    • Punctuality is crucial; no compensation for late arrivals.

    • Lessons canceled by instructors will be replaced.

    • One make-up lesson is allowed per month.

    • Re-scheduled lessons subject to teacher availability.

    • Centre reserves the right to change schedules with prior notice.

    • Absence without notice is considered a No Show with no make-up class.

  2. Change of Regular Schedule: Requests for schedule changes considered in the following month, subject to availability.

  3. Break (for 30 days and above): please approach the admin for the Break Form.

  4. Discontinuation:

    • No mid-month termination allowed (except for medical reasons).

    • One-month advance written notice required for long-term discontinuation.

    • Centre may discontinue lessons after 2 consecutive unnotified absences.

Child Safety Guidelines

  1. Safe Recruitment: Rigorous checks ensure teachers' suitability to work with children.

  2. Medical Information: Parents must provide information on medical conditions, allergies, and special learning needs.

  3. Arrival and Departure: Students must arrive on time, accompanied by an adult; center not responsible for unattended children.

  4. Unattended Children: Center not responsible for children left unattended after class.

  5. Emergency Contact: Parents contacted if no one arrives to pick up the child.

Safe Measures

  • Masks-wearing is now optional.

Accidents and Emergency

  • Staff trained in Child First-Aid and CPR; parents contacted immediately in emergencies.

Recitals and Events

  • Our centre organises drum camps, recitals and events annually. Some are free and some payable. Students are encouraged to participate in them to grow their repertoire and build experience. Recitals aim to provide opportunities for students to showcase what they have learnt and also perform in groups, once ready. The showcase allows parents and teachers to meet and get together and be part of their child’s learning journey. DPSG will also organise virtual events, recitals and webinars where you can participate.

Exam Opportunities

  • While it is highly recommended that all students participate in exams, it is not compulsory. If you do not wish to participate in exams, you will simply progress to the next syllabus/level once complete. If you are selected for Exam, you are required to attend a pre-exam evaluation. Exam fees are not included as part of the tuition fee and you are required to pay additional fees for exams. For more information on exams, please contact our admin.

Teachers/Teaching Artists

  • We understand students and parents build strong relationships with their DPSG teacher, However teacher changes are sometimes necessary in various circumstances. All DPSG teachers are highly qualified and have undergone a rigorous selection and training program to deliver classes with high standards according to our protocols. There are also strong benefits in getting exposed to a variety of teaching artistes at DPSG.

  • Our teachers are dedicating their weekends as well to work. Appreciate your understanding when they are on leave. Reschedule of classes will only be necessary if we are unable to find a replacement teacher at that time.

  • Our teachers are not allowed to exchange contacts with clients. All communications are via our school lines. 

Parent-Teacher Meeting

  • Two rounds of PTMs conducted in March and September.

Intellectual Property

  • All instructional materials provided for personal use only; duplication without authorization prohibited.


  • It is compulsory DPSG documents the progress and participation of their students where they may be photographed/ video-graphed for educational research purposes. Photograph(s) or video image(s) of pupils and their parents/guardians may be captured during activities and events such as classroom lessons, bi-annual showcase, community performances. The centre may use and publish such photographs and/or video recordings in its publications, website, social media channels, and other communication channels. In the event, your child is chosen to participate with the Drum Prodigy Ensemble, please be aware that photographs and videos may be taken from public. Please let us know if you do not consent to use of your/your child’s media.

Personal Data

  • Confidentiality and privacy of personal data maintained at all times.

Practice Tips

  • Make it a part of your daily routine. You can set up a zone for practice. Follow your log sheet that includes teacher’s instructions. Download the recommended apps and tracks. Feel free to communicate with your teacher in person to clarify any doubts. Encourage your child by listening to them practice with positive language. “I enjoy watching you play”.

Conduct and Discipline

  • Clients mandated to exhibit respect; DPSG reserves the right to suspend or terminate enrollment for disruptive behavior.

DPSG Reserves the Right to modify Policies

  • DPSG retains the right to change or modify policies and regulations without prior notification. 

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